Chakra of All Hindu Yugas

Satya Yuga (4,800 years):

Golden Age: Characterized by Dharma, harmony, and spiritual knowledge. People are long-lived (100,000 years!), possess divine qualities, and live close to nature. Vedas are revealed directly from the divine.
Avatars: Vishnu incarnates as Yajna (sacrifice), Vaikuntha (heaven), Narayana (universal self), and Krishna (protector).

Treta Yuga (3,600 years):

Silver Age: Dharma remains strong, but material pursuits and rituals gain prominence. Knowledge is codified in texts. Great empires rise and fall.
Avatars: Vishnu descends as Kapila (founder of Sankhya philosophy), Varaha (boar, rescues Earth from an ocean), Narasimha (man-lion, destroys Hiranyakashipu), Rama (righteous king, Ramayana).

Dvapara Yuga (2,400 years):

Bronze Age: Dharma further declines, leading to competition and conflict. Technology advances, cities blossom, and knowledge becomes formal. Mahabharata takes place.
Avatars: Vishnu incarnates as Krishna (warrior-guide in Mahabharata), Buddha (enlightened teacher), Parashurama (warrior against corruption), Balarama (Krishna’s brother).

Kali Yuga (1,200 years, currently ongoing):

Iron Age: Dharma dwindles, marked by ignorance, selfishness, and environmental degradation. Natural disasters increase. Yet, hope persists through spiritual guidance like Bhagavad Gita.
Avatars: Kalki, the tenth and final Avatar of Vishnu, is prophesied to appear at the end of Kali Yuga to usher in a new Satya Yuga.
Important Points:

These are estimates, and some interpretations vary slightly.
Each Avatar plays a specific role in maintaining or restoring Dharma during their respective Yuga.
The details and stories associated with each Yuga and Avatar offer rich philosophical and spiritual insights.

Additional Notes:

The time periods for each Yuga are often divided into four yugas within themselves, creating a nested cyclical structure.
The concept of Yugas transcends Hinduism and finds parallels in other ancient cultures and philosophies.

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